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Meet Meghan P.

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Meet: Meghan P.








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How did you get started in the beauty industry?

I’ve known I wanted to do hair since I was 8 years old. I have always been fascinated and inspired by everything beauty. Immediately after highschool I attended cosmetology school and worked in a salon type of environment but knew I wasn’t fully satisfied working in a salon. When I started working at Bijou Beautiful I knew I had found my calling when I began working with brides back in 2012.

What excites you the most about working with brides?

The special intimate moments I get to be a part of on a brides wedding day. That rawness is beautiful and my absolute favorite thing about getting to work with brides.

Where do you get your inspiration for the looks you create?

Mostly Pinterest, following amazing wedding hair and make-up artists through Instagram and honestly practicing on friends makes me super inspired to create my own original styles I come up with in my head for bridal looks.

Can you share an experience from a wedding that made you love your job even more?

I always love when my friends get married and they feel so honored to let me glam them up for their special days. There have been so many memorable experiences with different brides. One time I got to go to Palm Springs in this crazy large estate and it was the most relaxed fun bridal party ever. The entire family (I’m talking a good 25 people) had gathered to eat breakfast together to spend time together before the ceremony and I thought that was real cool.

What is your advice for brides?

Make sure you pick a look yourabsolutely comfortable and feel absolutely beautiful in. Don’t listen to what other people think about this because you should look however you want to on your day. Also make sure to eat and drink water before your wedding!

What is your secret weapon product?

Kenra25 volume hairspray. This product literally is my favorite hairspray in the world, nothing compares to it!

What are some of your passions other than bridal styling? What do you love to do for fun?

I really enjoy a good cup of coffee and I’m a total movie buff, horror and dramas are my favorites. I also love to bake!


Meghan is AWESOME!! She fit me in last minute in the busy wedding season and fulfilled my hair dream for my wedding! I told Megan exactly what I wanted and she styled my hair better than I could have imagined. She was prompt, professional, and so nice! I highly highly recommend Megan for any of your hair needs. – Katie Keys

Meghan is absolutely AMAZING! She caters to exactly what you want. She is extremely professional while also being incredibly down to earth and personable. The “getting ready” process on my wedding day was made all the better by Meghan and her makeup artist. They were both so peaceful and patient and they kept everyone calm and happy. Hire Meghan and you will NOT regret it! – Brianna Rodriguez

So happy I chose Meghan to do my makeup (as well as my mom and sisters) for my wedding! She was so organized and wrote out a timeline for our hair and makeup and was flexible to redo the schedule several times according to my planning needs. Everyone was extremely happy with the results and she was a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much Meghan for making my day so special!  - Shelby Alley

Meghan did an amazing job styling my hair as well as my bridesmaids hair for my wedding! She created styles that were soft and flowey and they held all night (even with some wind)! My hair doesn’t hold curl well at all so my hair was one of the things I was the most nervous about on my wedding day. Meghan helped me find something simple like I wanted that really helped compliment my makeup and dress and it was just as curled at the end of the night as in the beginning! She’s awesome!! – Karri Eakin


Meet: Jessica S.









I’m Jess, a freelance Makeup and Hair Stylist based in Southern California. I grew up a Cali girl and I studied at Make-Up Designory in Burbank. After school, I spent six years working with MAC Cosmetics.  I have done makeup and hair styling on numerous professional photo and video shoots, and become skilled in airbrush makeup for both wedding and runway.
Jessica was the makeup artist for my wedding. She did an amazing job and was such a joy to work with. Planning a wedding can be stressful but there was nothing stressful about working with Jessica. She is a professional and amazing at what she does. I loved having Jessica be apart of our big day. Jessica is a sweetheart and will make you look beautiful!

Jessica was so personal and helpful. She really listened to me on what I wanted. She made several suggestions on ideas for hair and make up. I was very happy with the results.


Jess was amazing, she was calming, accommodating, great with everyone from family to friends to calming me down on my day when things didn’t always go well. It was more like hiring a friend and she nailed my hair and makeup. Everyone was thrilled with the job she and her assistant did on the day. I absolutely recommend her for any wedding or event, particularly if you’re not a super traditional bride like me. I was worried about looking too done up and she understood perfectly.

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How did you get started in the beauty industry?
I actually got started in the beauty industry when I was fourteen years old. I was on set filming a commercial when I met my first stylist, Scott. As I began talking to him, I realized that doing hair and makeup for film could be a great “fallback” career while I went on auditions and became a movie star! Little did I know that hair and makeup would have been my ultimate calling! I began learning from my stylist at his salon and made the easy decision to apply for my beauty license as soon as I graduated from high school. In that time I got plenty of experience honing my skills styling my peers for prom, homecoming, and other events my “clients” needed help getting ready for.

What excites you the most about working with brides?

The most exciting thing to me about working with brides is that every single event is unique, special, and just an incredibly positive experience. I love the energy and I thrive in the bridal environment! I absolutely love what I do because I love making my brides feel like their dreams are coming true; besides, who doesn’t love a wedding? This career has taken me to exotic locations, introduced me to wonderful people, and allowed me the flexibility to maintain my family at home while doing what I love!

Where do you get your inspiration for the looks you create?

I’ll be honest and tell you that I am a Pinterest fanatic, Instagram addict, and Tumblr Queen. I love looking for and getting inspiration from other’s work, from my brides themselves, and even just organic things such as chain link fences and couture fabrics. You’d be surprised where you can pull inspiration from.

Can you share an experience from a wedding that made you love your job even more?
There are so many! I’d have to say my favorite experience from being such a vital part to such an intimate event is seeing the glowing faces and happiness in the room once all of the dresses are zipped and mimosas are empty. I get to be there while mom’s are spending last moments with their “little girls” and when best friends are telling their “sisters’ how proud they are of the woman standing before them in the white dress. I get to be there for all of this and give tips on how not to ruin your makeup by crying so much! (There are tricks!)
I also really enjoy growing with my Brides. I’ve had clients that came to me as high school students getting their first highlights, to cap and gown styling, to pinning on their veil, and then baby shower hair! It’s fulfilling to see people grow and to make them feel beautiful every step of the way. I really feel like I’m part of the family.

What is your advice for the bride?
My ultimate advice would be that something will most definitely NOT GO the way that you expected it to (it won’t be me). Decide on what one thing is the most important to you that day and tell your maid of honor or wedding coordinator that if all else goes wrong, let that one thing not be it! Something will undoubtedly not go as expected and when it does you just have to let it be. At least your hair will look awesome!

What are some of your passions other than Bridal Styling? What do you like to do for fun?
I absolutely love traveling, adventures with my loved ones, and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. I’m blessed to live in beautiful California so to me, there’s nothing like coming home after a nice little trip to somewhere new!


Meet: Angela M.











Instagram: TresBelleMakeup
Angela Michela has always loved making things pretty. As a Master Makeup Artist she gets to make things pretty all day long!

She began her professional career as a makeup artist in 2009 and has had the pleasure of working with many top artists all over Southern California and Las Vegas. She has done plenty of print work, runway, and television over the years, having been published in numerous magazines and online.

Her not-so-secret passion is in special event work. Using her professional experience with HD cameras and products, she loves making her personal clients look and feel like celebrities. Her exclusive use of airbrush foundation and custom products help her achieve a long-lasting, flawless look for every client, whether it be in front of a camera or walking down the aisle.



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