Bride Spotlight: Whitney 11.3.12

Whitney’s wedding at Ophelia Winery was simply stunning. I love the laid-back elegance of this winery wedding. We crafted an updo for her that was beautiful and refined yet had a relaxed quality to it. Succulents in Whitney’s hair made for a true Southern California wedding. You can really see the love between these two! We just can’t get enough of this wedding.


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Bride Spotlight: Lauren’s Leucadia Beach Wedding 9.22.12

Lauren’s beach wedding at her parent’s ocean front home in Luecadia was one of our most memorable wedding experiences to date! The dahlias she chose for her hairstyle complimented the laid-back beachy feel of this wedding. She was such a natural beauty that our job was easy that day. Fresh + natural + effortless beauty was our focus. She truly sparkles inside and out!


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Emelyn’s Wedding @ The Villa San Juan Capistrano 8.18.12

Emelyn’s wedding at The Villa San Juan Capistrano was incredibly beautiful! Emelyn and her bridesmaids sparkled inside and out! Bridal parties like these are why we love weddings so much ♥



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Bride Spotlight: Brady at Bandy Canyon Ranch

Last October we had the pleasure of styling Brady’s hair along with her bridal party for her wedding day at Bandy Canyon Ranch. She was such an effortlessly beautiful bride. When I was packing up to leave this wedding I ran into the groom Simon, he excitedly asked me if she was all ready for their ceremony. This made me gush!

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Amy’s Windansea Beach Wedding 8.4.12

Amy’s August wedding at Windansea Beach looks pretty near-perfect. She wanted glowing, beachy bronzed makeup (think Brazilian Supermodel). Her hair inspiration was a french twist with a tropical feel a la the fresh gardenias we delicately placed in the twist. I love doing french twists, they are timeless and elegant. If I had it my way they would make a big comeback! Photography by the amazingly talented Patty @


Bride Spotlight: Tara’s Vintage Inspired City Wedding 8.10.12

Tara’s vintage inspired city chic wedding at El Cortez was so classic and beautiful. For her hair and makeup we went for an Old Hollywood inspired updo with a birdcage veil, cat eyeliner and flirty lashes really helped bring this style to life. Drop dead gorgeous! Photography by the amazingly talented Kristina Cazares of


Bride Spotlight: Rebecca’s Ranch Wedding 5.26.12

Rebecca & Devon’s May wedding at Leo Carillo Ranch in Carlsbad, CA was incredibly beautiful. Rebecca’s makeup focus was all about being “fresh and rosy”, we also created cascading curls down her back to match the romantic feel of her ranch wedding.

Rebecca shared a touching story about her mother who passed away a few years ago. When Rebecca was a child her mother sent her off to school with a lipstick kiss on the back of her hand everyday. On her wedding day, Rebecca requested a lipstick kiss on the back of her hand to honor her mother on her special day. It was a moving experience to see lipstick used as such a significant piece of Rebecca’s story. I had to hold back tears when Rebecca’s grandmother placed the kiss on her hand. It was such an honor to be apart of this beautiful wedding!


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Bride Spotlight: Rebecca 7.07.12

Rebecca’s nautical themed wedding in Torrey Pines, San Diego looked like the envy of  Pinterest. The makeup look we created for her was all about a dramatic, smokey eye paired with glowing skin and soft pink lips. Brigitte Bardot was her hair inspiration. What a beauty!

Makeup by Theresa Amundsen & Sasha Leuke, hair by Tara.