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Your Dream Wedding By Design: How to Plan Your Perfect Event with The Bijou Beautiful Printable Bridal Planner Are you recently engaged or in the beginning stages of planning a wedding? For the bride-to-be, putting together a wedding is an incredibly exciting time with so much to think about and lots to accomplish. A common misconception many people have is that wedding planning is supposed to be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! As a team of bridal professionals, Bijou Beautiful wanted to create a solution that will help you plan your perfect event, while also enjoying the process. Enter: The Bijou Beautiful Printable Planner. Recently launched and available now for purchase, our 140-page planner is your ultimate guide to getting wedding planning right. Here is the scoop on all the benefits: A Few Good Reasons To Invest in A Printable Wedding Planner Reason #1: Get guidance from the experts Because it was designed by a team of industry specialists, with over a decade of experience navigating the planning process, the Bijou Beautiful Printable Planner is able to walk you through each and every detail, eliminating guesswork and busywork to boot. From seating charts to checklists, vendors, and venue information, we’ve thought of everything you need and will help you stay on track leading up to the big day. Reason #2: Gather all your inspiration and information in one place We get it. When you’re putting together an important event, there is so much to think about and these details can quickly get overwhelming. However, having one go-to resource can really help keep things simple and organized. From the brainstorming process with your vision pages, to the final Day-Of Itinerary, you can think of your Bijou Beautiful Printable Planner as your bridal BFF, helping you each step of the way. Reason #3: Make planning more fun Putting together your special day should be a magical time and we want you to enjoy the journey. Understanding this, we designed the Bijou Beautiful Printable Planner to be colorful, creative, and full of delightful details. Rather than feeling rushed and pulled in a million directions, we’ve made it easy and streamlined, so you can look forward to sitting down with your planner and savoring memorable moments as you curate the wedding of your dreams. How It Works & What’s Included As soon as you purchase your printable planner, you’ll be able to get started. Your download includes 140 pages in PDF or JPEG format, so you can easily print and edit from your at-home computer.

Starting with 10 full vision board pages to envision your event, your planner also includes helpful checklists to track your tasks on a timeline. You’ll be able to build your guest list, bridal party, and even your honeymoon plans with our detailed worksheets and calendars. Lastly, each page is beautifully designed, so you can continue to cherish your planner as a unique wedding keepsake for years to come.

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