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The Endless Love Collection

When it comes to bridal attire the look is incomplete without veils. But deciding what veil to wear is a major moment and can get overwhelming. A veil highlights a bride’s appearance as well as the body gown and can transform the whole look. Long or short veil, the decision has to be right. While the blusher may convey a chic vibe the cathedral length feels more dramatic and traditional. But look no further as Bijou Beautiful has got you in your search for a wonderful veil. Bijou Beautiful is a leading bridal beauty brand established in 2011 and specializes in bridal beauty. Originally, beginning as a team of artists, makeup, and hairstylists, we have expanded our brand to include bridal accessories such as bridal veils and hair pieces.

Our Endless Love Collection has a gorgeous variety of veils and this gorgeous ivory bridal veil from our Endless Love by Bijou Beautiful will be a perfect addition for your special day and will transform your entire look. This intricate veil will be the one you always needed. Designed by our #1 bridal beauty team in Southern California, we created this veil to accent the beauty of our brides. The delicate lace accents and lightweight material flow softly with you. You will feel freedom because your hairstyle is not weighed down. It is mid-length with only 40 inches in length and comes in both ivory and white to match your need. This veil assures that the beautiful detailing in your bridal gown won’t be covered like other bulky and heavy veils as the custom length falls just below fingertip length and enhances the backline of your bridal gown.

Let’s not forget our sewn-in combs that are exclusive to all bridal veil collections by Bijou Beautiful and were created for easy securing and tension, giving you confidence that your veil will stay beautifully in place for the entire day. Created by exceptional hairstylists specifically for our brides, our rounded-edge combs allow for three variations with multiple options. This gives you the freedom to choose the angle for better adjustment and also allows for an easy slip-on and off without ruining your hairstyle. You will have the choice to wear it on the high crown, mid or low crown as per your need.

Bijou Beautiful is all about striving to create a dream come true. After all, you deserve a happily ever after!

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